Sweet Almonds

Sweet Almonds

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      La Florentina Sweet Almond Bath Foam 500ml
      La Florentina Sweet Almond Shower Gel Bottle Pump 750ml
      La Florentina Sweet Almond Set of 3 Oval Soap 300g
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      La Florentina Sweet Almond Set of 3 Bar Soap 200g
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      La Florentina Sweet Almond Hand Wash Set of 3pcs
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      La Florentina Sweet Almond Hand Cream 75 ml
      La Florentina Sweet Almond Body Lotion 200 ml
      La Florentina Sweet Almond 3 Oval Soaps 150g

      The lightness of spring comes to life in the Sweet Almonds fragrance. Delicate and relaxing, it is ideal for fully satisfying a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

      Elevate your bathing ritual with our exquisite artisan soaps, crafted using traditional methods and premium ingredients to nourish and pamper your skin. Immerse yourself in the soothing scents and creamy lather of our organic soaps, carefully formulated to cleanse and hydrate without harsh chemicals.

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